Passenger Rights to Refunds & Compensation due to train cancellation


When train services have been cancelled, National Rail Conditions of Travel Condition 30.1 allows customers to claim a full refund from the original retailer with no administration fee being charged. Claims and surrendered unused tickets can be submitted and forwarded to at

Address:, First Floor, one Lochrin Square, 92 fountain bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Post Code: EH3 9QA

The following special conditions apply to "severe disruption" refunds:

Single ticket wholly unused: Refund price paid for the single ticket

Return ticket wholly unused: Refund price paid for the return ticket

Return portion of ticket unused: Refund 50% of price paid for the return ticket


Refund applications will be accepted in respect of 50% of the value of a return ticket if:

In each case no administration fee should be charged. For those people who takes the next train and eventually completes their journey, they should apply Delay Repay compensation on Train Operating Companies' webpage.


If your train is delayed and you decide to still travel, you may be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on which operator(s) you are travelling with.

Each train company sets its own level of compensation, as set down by the company's Passenger's Charter. Links to all operators' Charters are available here.

The National Rail Conditions of Travel outlines the minimum offered through Passenger's Charters but in practise the vast majority of operators pay more than that.

In other circumstances where you consider you have received poor service you should contact the train company concerned.

How to claim:

Claims need to be made within 28 days of completing the journey.

Claims need to be accompanied by the ticket, proof of purchase or scan of the ticket* for the specific journey for which you would like compensation. Without the ticket, train companies have no way of knowing whether the claim is genuine.

Claims can always be submitted by post, but increasing numbers of operators are offering an online claim process.

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